Our Videographers



Alicia has worked in many aspects of visual media, first in drawing and painting, and for the last 10 years, in videography and video editing. Her understanding of color, composition, and light adds a fine arts nuance to the wedding videos she creates. She relishes the joy and richness of a wedding day—the beauty of a bride in the perfect gown, the infectious laughter of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the sunlight changing to candlelight. Alicia captures the emotion, style, and charm of that one amazing day.


David fell in love with moving images one Thanksgiving, when his uncle screened an array of 8mm and Super 8 reels of his family from 20 years earlier. Since that time, he's pursued filmmaking and video production with a keen eye to producing pieces that are intimate and also beautiful. In addition to his live event work, David is senior producer with Zinnia Films, and has garnered awards around the country for his work.



Before training as a videographer, Jenny's background was in documentary-style nonfiction writing. Whether in video or the written word, Jenny's interest is in the things that bring people together. She feels fortunate in that her work with Zinnia allows her to regularly film some of the best aspects of human experience.