Jill Christine Design and Photography on "Unplugged" Weddings

We have to admit we were pretty excited when we heard some brides and grooms are choosing to have “unplugged” weddings. If you haven’t heard about this trend, an unplugged wedding is one in which the guests have politely been requested to put away their cell phones and tablets and be mentally and emotionally present for the ceremony or other events of the wedding day. We could talk more about the benefits of a tech-free wedding, but we think Jill Springer of Jill Christine Design & Photography has already done a wonderful job of just that.

Please click through to Jill’s blog post on the topic below. If you are planning a wedding in Southern Maryland, be sure to look at her beautiful photographs. We had the pleasure of working with her last weekend and can't say enough good things about her fun, relaxed style.

Jill Christine Design & Photography
"Tuesday's Tip: Consider Unplugging Your Wedding"