Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine #2

We got to spend a day with the crew at Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine last month shooting some behind the scenes video of their photo spread. Eco-Beautiful has a great team, including Katie Martin from Elegance & Simplicity, and Robin Fisher, who runs Polished Image and Style. Although it was a chilly winter day, the flirty theme of the second issue hints at the coming spring. We're always excited to shoot these photo shoots; they're laid back, a lot of fun, and it's always a great opportunity to shoot some beautiful video. Kudos to Delores Holloway from A Little Bit of Whimsy Photography, Stylist Karla Ayala, Elizabeth St. John, who designed the amazing dresses, Jeff Enriquez from Inner Beauty, and Persephone Efessiou, who modeled the dresses.