Lauren & Shane

We finished a full day montage for Lauren and Shane. They were wed on 9/5, and had a reception at the Congressional Country Club. We shot this one with Love Life Images, and it was an all-star team. Alicia was out of town, so Jason and I shot video, while Jennifer, Stephen and Jackie from Love Life shot the stills. Katie Martin planned the event. Her husband built the wall behind the bride and groom in the second ceremony (they had an outdoor ceremony after a small Catholic convalidation ceremony). It was a really beautiful wall, so we used it for the video studio. It also provided a a little more light for the camera. This tune wasn't on their list of music, but I spent almost a full day trying to find a song that fit what seemed to be the feel of the video. I tweaked the look of the video extensively in After Effects. I'm excited to finish the edit, because there were a lot of fun aspects of the day. I have to say though, the CCC is a little dark--those wood walls soak up all the light. Shooting the dancing was tricky until they turned an small spotlight on that was mounted to the bottom of the chandelier.

Lastly three of the last four weddings I've shot have had cigar rollers on site. I guess this is a new trend?